(n.) In a high-profile case, the media's implication of the guilt of a suspect can greatly affect the outcome. While not fair, this is largely unavoidable, especially when large industries are put on trial for high-school shootings, or a Catholic priest is tried for any sexual crime. Regardless of the "innocent until proven guilty" law in most countries (If not all), the free media's decision to encourage the sheep and liberals will force the decision one way or another.
Type "soham" into google to see how the british tabloids misrepresentation of the facts and one-sided approach led to a kangaroo court.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
When you do something extremely stupid and/or retarded, it goes viral, and then you have total online strangers being your "judge, jury and executioner"
Have you, or someone you know, ever survived a trial by social media? It must have been a nightmarish, hellish experience
by Sexydimma June 3, 2021