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OK so before you go and say that I am copying, know that a trendy black and a trendy asian only have one solid thing in common, and that would be where they decide to shop for clothes and maybe the fact that they have there own definition of "trendy." Trendy blacks like hangning out with there preppy black counterparts since after all both have been born into a substansial amount of money. Trendy blacks may join Jack and Jill of America but are never as pressed as there parents and black prep friends to do so. Trendy blacks are typically attractive and lean more toward the slim side. You won't typically find a trendy black girl thats over 5'7 in height and over 120pds in weight. They typically live in eithher pent-house style apartments and condos or large single family homes. Trendy blacks DO NOT wear South Pole or Baby Fat despite belief, not saying that there is anything wrong with these brands they just are not worn by trendy blacks. Trendy blacks have LOTS of manners despite the fact that they can come off as cold and kind-of snobbish. They LOVE hanging out together at really small normally ethnic resturants typically ordering LOTS of food (they don't really eat fast food) and will gladly go the distance to get there hair done (Never weaved) or eyebrows threaded. They are normally very smart and besides the Black prep, if not in a black area will be the only black in the class. There grades range from all A's to all A's and one B. Trendy black girls typically shop alone with there parents on the weekend so that when they get things on sale no-one will know, and if they are the only black in the area will make friends with a variety of different ethinicities. Trendy blacks always have the latest electronic devise, and are often awarded these things based on academic acheivements. They often decorate there devices with rings that hang off the cell phone and small crystal designs that don't look overly tacky. Trendy blacks only wear colors like black, gray, blue, dark green, yellow (yes yellow), white and red. They LOVE things that sparkle. Trendy blacks wear as little makeup as possible but love there different types of lipgloss, mostly ones that have a bubble gum or rasberry coloring to them. They go eccentric for nail-polish color, opting for colors like metallic purple and electric blue. Trendy black girls often have really good skin and are consided cute/pretty because of there often cheeky faces and small frames. Most have atleast one dimple. Many often think about getting a tatoo but reconsider after a LONG talk w/ mom and dad. Trendy blacks love starbuks and colorful aviators (pink and blue) and can be seen with both on despite the seasons.

Trendy blacks(guys and girls)shop @:
Armani Exchange
Urban Outfitters
Banana Republic
Betsy Johnson (girls only)
J. Crew
Juicy Couture boutiques (girls only)
Neiman Marcus
Ralph Lauren and Lacoste boutiques
Chanel (for small items like wallets and sunglasses)
Burberry (for small items like scarfs)
abercrombie (girls only) (yes the kids me)

Typical Trendy black girl:
110 pds and on a diet
Medium-long length hair maybe w/ brown highlights
Lacoste skirt
Armani exchange racerback
Dior logo sunglasses
chanel logo ballet flats or D&G pumps
Marc Jacobs Handbag and Sweater
Random J. Crew belt
Tiffany pearl earrings
Newest cellphone (usually colorful)

Typical Trendy black guy:
5'8 and up
In great shape
Close cut hair
Levi's jeans
Lacoste polo
Ralph Lauren blazer
Gucci loafers
J.Crew belt

Morgan: OMG look at that girl in her Guess dress and Chole blazer...thats such a cute combo

Stephanie: Yeah and check out the purple nail-polish, she is definately a trendy black girl..I bet she lives in some glamourous mansion somwhere....
by Lola Belle June 09, 2008
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