A fan of Star Trek (any incarnation) who has COMPLETELY MISSED THE POINT OF THE SHOW!

Instead focusing on the little nicpicky details, rather than the bigger issue of what unites people of different cultures/ethnicities etc.
Those guys are to busy arguing whether they're Trekkie and/or Trekker to realize they haven't been paying attention.
by flashwildecard October 12, 2005
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huge star trek fans that hang together and tend to smell like mr.pibb nutmeg and hairgel
trekkies are the shiznet or are they?
by the undisputed poo joe August 24, 2003
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Refers to an individual who enjoys outdoor activities, enjoys nature and is an environmentalist. Is NOT a hippie due to their enthusiasm for new technology and is an avid consumer of anything to do with innovation, from computers to high-performance equipment.
Every-time he tries a new outdoor sport, he maxes out his credit card to get the best equipment available, talk about being a high-tech trekker"

I finally got my Macbook pro, he manages to get his hands on an I-pad before he left on his back-pack tour of Europe. Man's a high-tech trekker"
by Chichster September 27, 2010
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A trekker puts on a backpack, and hikes. A star trek trekker doesn't. His favourite song is 'where no man has gone before.' Sounds like a feminist movement song. He prefers alien culture (Vulcan and Klingon) to his own. And he believes the star trek tv show is 'real.' Neil Armstrong made it to the moon. Zefram Cochrane didn't. Neither did William Shatner. William Shatner is an actor, not a astronaut. Like the other actors get paid to appear at conventions. Trekkers don't like Trekkies, because they're too hardcore. A Trekkie will ask how big are those photon torpodoes? They're 4 foot long and made of wood, an actor replied.
'You speak Klingon, well for a terran.'
'Yes,' said the trekkers.
by Iam not Elmer Fudd May 11, 2020
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