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Originated circa early May, 2006 by one lone idiot from Concord, NH while down in Boston for the Red Sox game.

Despite the common stereotype that those living in New Hampshire, or "the south of the North", are NASCAR fans and rednecks, it has been brought to our attention that New Hampshire residents like to be referred to as tree people, meaning that they are people who find their dwellings in trees.
Girl: "So where are you from?"
Idiot: "New Hampshire"
Girl: "Oh, aren't you all NASCAR fans and rednecks?"
Idiot: "Actually, we like to be referred to as TREE PEOPLE!"
by Masters May 08, 2006
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The ruler of the the Ryui Nation, it is a mysterious being, who may or may not be predictable. It commonly resides in a far-off cave that really no one seems to no about. They say it travels trough time, commonly visiting Earth's past world named Terra.
"Fear the treepeoples, it outnumbers us by itself. Don't fight, immortals aren't even a match for it. It is always watching you." -Zerith from The chronicles of Carni
by The-wolf-known-as-Kraizer June 17, 2011
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Tree people or the titsetreetorusical are a native tribe of every womans pubic hair.
"Oh man. She has tree people. "
by AtomicRy May 25, 2017
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