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Travel Tummy is a collection of digestive ailments that occur when you're on the road for any length of time. Travel Tummy includes stomach aches, nausea, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea and it has a variety of causes.

Some situation that cause Travel Tummy include: too much eating out at fast food places (and the realization that you've eaten fries three times in the last two days); eating too much ethnic food (like a Japanese dish that turns out to pretty much just be noodles and sautéed onions); anxiety about pooping in a motel bathroom that has thin walls and no fan; spending too much time in a car or other enclosed space with other people and not being able to pass gas when you need to; having your mother-in-law always offer to use a public restroom with you when you need to go, choosing the stall next to yours and then talking to you the entire time you try to poop.

Cures for Travel Tummy include ordering more salads, drinking less soda and coffee, wandering off by yourself at least once a day, and in extreme situations, returning home.
I had the worst travel tummy after eating Taco Bell and then driving 6 hours to my aunt's house. I can't believe her only bathroom opens directly off of the living room and doesn't have a fan or window.
by Annie Mork February 25, 2014
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