"the queens of scene." Audrey Kitching and Lauren Watts. Also known as Twigg Violence and Zui Suicide. Together, they are Trashy Life. They wear tutus, fluffy skirts, tiaras, anything thats "childish". They are models, and they wear these things to any wear they want: grocery stores, stores, mall, outside, whatever! there makeup is crazy.

Zui sucide(Lauren Watts)is tough, she is a suicide girl and she has side swept bangs, super long black hair,with blood red extensions in it.

If you want to be like twigg violence (Audrey Kitching) has bright pink hair with black underneath.

Most people call them "sluts" because of the way they dress.
They wear Jessica Louise, goodwill, and any other store they see something cute in. Adurey wears Mac makeup, and tours on warped tour. they both have many fans. They danced for Jeffree star in a few of his concerts. They are good friends with Hannah Beth, Jessica Louise, Michelle x Star, and Alice Barone.

Tutus, childish things, scene, thats trashy life.