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Tranz Panda is a very important creature to this world it is not a he or a she it’s gender is Tranz Panda! Yes it’s a tranny! But a Tranz Panda was once a woman but disided to become something else somthing greater! Tranz Panda is the greatest thing to live!
“Look at that new kid in class there very special because it’s Tranz Panda

“Don’t get mad at the Tranz Panda, Tranz Panda is just only Cunffuzled”

Steve: “That Girl is amazing”
Sydney: “It’s because it’s not a she”
Steve: “wait what
Sydney: “Thats Tranz Panda”
Steve: “I love Tranz Panda even more”
by Tranz Panda M. May 22, 2018
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