adj. A word derived from "transgendered", to be transspeciesed means that you believe yourself to be the wrong species for your physical body. Transspeciesism has been reportedly observed in animals and also in some humans, for example otherkin and therianthropes.
Mary is transspeciesed; she believes she was a wolf in a last life and feels awkward in her body now.
by Spritedust May 15, 2004
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A person who thinks whatever creation deity/ power they believe in stuffed up during their genesis and placed their soul into the wrong body. Usually, of course, they were meant to be far more powerful animals than humans (ie. dragons or large carnivores), leading one to the conclusion that invertebrate souls luckily always are placed in the correct body, as misplaced mosquitos are never encountered.
This self-made belief is typified by an incredible need for external validation and tolerance. The age of one transspeciesed is roughly 14, and most are incapable of stringing three words together without barraging the LJ reader with a dozen or more emoticons.
See also Otherkin and pseudo-intellectual.
1. I'm not a human, I'm a transspeciesed wolf.

2. I'm a gryphyn HURRRRRRRR *wingsn^ugglz gryph' huGGl3zz**!!!1 ^_^
by Otherkin4Breakfast June 27, 2004
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