A man who desires to be a woman or A man who pretends to be a woman online to pick up lesbians. Transexuals wish to make a male to female transition and sometimes do.
Sal Vitale became a transexual after taking hormones for 6 months.
by grampa. January 13, 2008
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A transexual is what judges and politicians do in their spare time after work.

A transexual is when a man gets dressed up in women's clothing i.e. panties, bra, lacy crotchless knickers, suspenders, mini skirt, slutty wig, riding crop whip... You horny yet? You get the idea, or just look up the American politican Hoover.

See transsexual, tranny, trany, working girl,The Prophet Muhammad, Drag Queen, Queen of Hollywood, Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons or Elda Furry.
Hoover said in his best transexual voice, "Does this red mini-skirt make me look too commy Hedda?"

"Please Hoover I'm on a call at the moment!"

"But Hedda the phones not even plugged in!"
by The Moody Poet August 23, 2006
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Not to be confused with transgender, describes a person whose sex has changed. It is generally considered to be outdated and offensive due to it's lack of inclusivity to those who are transgender and may not have changed sexes. Some may see those who use the term as a truscum or a transmedicalist.
She is a transexual woman, as she had her sex changed legally and medically.
by yeet_______________________ December 20, 2018
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Usually refers to a "person" with XY chromosomes the cause male secondary features but that "person's" brain is wired like a XX or a females brain. Often confused with a faggot, but more of a guy who wants to be a girl and have sex with straight guys. So they take estrogen, have their penis wacked off and turned into a vagina, and have implants to make breasts and dress up and use make up like girls. Tell tale signs are seeing a large male Adams apple on the neck of what looks like a girly girl.
Did you see that big Adams Apple lump on her neck? I read that Ann Coulter was a transexual too.
by HillarityC September 16, 2006
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Guys Dresses In Girls Clothes
g_o_d_is_here is known to dress in girls clothing such as drag and paints his finger and toe nails
by Haha March 09, 2005
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