v. The act of watching a DJ work with turntables and vinyl. This can be done to see how the DJ scratches, beatmatches or in any other way show off for the crowd.
Guy 1) What now you're a wallflower?
Guy 2) Just a little train spotting.
Guy 1) Look at that DJ spin!
by Phnyx December 17, 2004
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Listening to or observing a mixed set of tracks. DJs and clubbers who tend to observe and analyze the method and sound of the DJ are known as trainspotters.
The records skipped in the club because there were so many trainspotters crowding around and shoving in the booth.
by Aziz August 03, 2004
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standing in front of a dj while they're playing a set in order to find out every detail of the record they're playing. this is done so a person can go out and buy said record then play like they found it on their own.
DJ: Dude, stop trainspotting my records! Can't you find some to buy on your own?

by rocksrock October 26, 2005
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Trainspotting occurs whilst on large doses of m.d.m.a. or during heavy sleep(R.E.M.). Also known as shuttervision, the eyes move rapidly back and forth creating broken up images, like watching a train go by from a stationary side view...also in reference to checking out a d.j.'s set.
I'm blowing up. I can't focus on anything because i'm trainspotting.
by teeraymorton August 19, 2012
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To destroy a bathroom with violent crapping.
Dude, what the hell happened in there? Nothing, had a bad chunk of fish for breakfast and had to do some trainspotting.
by crapping cobbler February 22, 2011
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really good movie about scottish heroin addicts. best characters are spud and begbie. the word cunt often appears in the movie.
the part where the dead baby is shown is really gross. the worst toilet in scottland is also nasty.
by click clack cluck July 19, 2005
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