one who sells themself out for the rules or authority, truly enjoys training plebes at the Naval Academy, see tool and joe.
He went to Saturday Morning training for the 10th time in a row, what a fucking training whore.
by Scott McCann November 19, 2003
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a person who takes the earlier train to school with his "cooler" friends than the normal train with his real friends
man, jack is such a train whore
by leeebs April 27, 2011
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Dropping your daughter off at the ex wife's house.
Where's Brittany?
She's at whore training this weekend...
by *******JOHN******* January 12, 2016
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myspace groups frequented by 14-17 year old scenesters (mostly girls) who have thousands of friends and lead a very large part of their lives on the internet. the point of these trains is to get a shitload of friend requests, although they seldom actually interact with most of the people they meet on myspace in real life. one must apply for the train by adding the owner, having a large amount of friends ("must have at least 2K"), and look extremely scene. once accepted, members must post the train in a bulletin a set number of times a week. the bulletin displays small pictures of all the train's members with the owner on top. members are often divided by how many friends they have, with "riders" often being a low rank. to devote one's time to this essentially means you're spending too much of your time on myspace.
omgz srsly no n00bs on the whore train, kthxbye?
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A whore that goes from one partner to another and then on to another just as a trains box cars go from one to the other
He is a whore train constantly hoeing one to the next Pat Pat one to the next Pat Pat two to the next Pat Pat three to the next Pat pat
by Tazzin June 25, 2016
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a myspace group (usually called something with 'vanity', 'deadly', 'perfection', or 'morbid' in it) that has a bunch of scene kids who have never met in it. they are a train because twice a day everyone has to post a bulletin with pretty people's pictures in it. bear in mind you must have it least 5000 friends and must be GORGEOUS to make it.
finally, i'm on VIP of the morbid switchblade fuckers whore train!
by smart skank June 08, 2007
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