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A popular mockumentary about the lives of ex-convicts between prison terms. The main characters are Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and Jim Lahey, Trailer Park Supervisor, along with Randy, Ray, Cory, Trevor, Sarah, Lucy and J-ROC.

The show airs Sunday nights at 9 and Thursday nights at 9:30 on Showcase in Canada. It is currently in it's fourth season. It also airs on BBC America, however, the show is bleeped and edited, because of the swearing and content. Cocksuckers.
"Trailer Park Boys are the latest incarnation of a Canadian cultural classic." - The Globe and Mail
by Jordan May 13, 2004
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A popular series on Showcase and BBC America (edited on BBC, though), and features: J-ROC, Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Tyrone, Jim Lahey (Trailer Park Supervisor), Barbara Lahey (Trailer Park Owner), Randy (Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor). It's now in it's fifth season, where Julian has stolen a Monte Carlo, and Ricky's still driving "The Shitmobile" New Yorker in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.
"Trevor, smokes, let's go" - Ricky
"Fuck off, I got work to do" - Cyrus
"Knock, knock..." "Who's there?" "Fuck off"
"Don't you guys have some offs to fuck?" "What?" "Fuck off!"
by Lone Lobo June 07, 2005
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The best show you will ever see!!! New season starting this April!! Watch it.
J Roc- Yerr know what I'm sayin'!!
by Mike D March 22, 2004
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Hands down the best show ever made in the existence of television. Seriously if you haven't heard of it I highly suggest you get out from under your rock and check it out!!
what's the best show ever made? That's an easy one, trailer park boys of course!
by Sumone410 March 15, 2013
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Awesome t.v. series from Canada. The series is set around a made up trailer park called Sunnyvale in Nova Scotia. Main characters include: Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, J-Roc, Mr. Lahey, Randy, Corey & Trevor, Lucy and Sarah. A true Canadian cultural classic.
Trailer Park Boys - Ricky and Trevor
Trevor: Check out this ladybug Ricky...
Ricky: That's not a ladybug, it's a cannepillar
Trevor: Will it work?
Ricky: No it wont work - I need ladybugs..
Trevor: Do you want it in the box?
Ricky: No, what I want is for you to give me two smokes right now because your so fuckin stupid
by theturtl3 March 01, 2007
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