Commonly known as "Patrick" or "Patricia" and sometimes "Patty", yet also known to have around 35,000 other aliases, Patrick "trailertrash" is the scourge of melodramatic.com

Aparently allergic to any attempts to improve his intelect, hygene, or social standings, Patrick revels in his low-class standing, as demonstrated by his posts, screen names, wall activity, and general existance.

Known enemies: everyone, excluding his make-believe pals.

Known lies: Every word that he misspells.

Known weaknesses: Being Ignored. Patrick is a true attention whore - Even if it's negative attention, he'll eat it up like a can of Viena sausages he found under his raggedy couch.

Appearance: After much psychological counceling, the only person to have witnessed the horific visage of Patrick and managed to recall the event says that it appeared as if "Someone had set his face on fire and tried to put it out with a rake."

Warning: Despite his claims to the contrary, Patrick "trailertrash" is NOT an administrator, is not afiliated with the site in any support functionality, and cannot answer your questions truthfully. Avoid even reading his posts if you value your IQ, or are under the age of 18.
"The only true thing Patrick has ever done is named himself trailer trash."
by talldarkmystere October 09, 2006
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Usually used when you are talking shit about a person. Especially if you’re in drama, or about to fight someone or as the children today like to call it, “Beef”. It is an insult to another person by calling them “poor” or “undignified”. Sometimes used in replacement to “White trash.”.

**** When you’re using “Trailer Trash” you’re basically calling someone a hillbilly or a trashy person who lives off of welfare or government help.
Jessica: OMG Becky you’re a slut!
Becky: Ok and? You’re trailer trash, go eat some roadkill or something.

Johnny: I’d have sex with your mom, she’s hot.
Ronny: Dude stfu you piece of trailer trash.
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by FacetimeOinky June 09, 2018
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Slutty clothes
Mixing too many patterns
Has or does call a trailer, home
Resembles a crack head

Plain stupid

by Dee24 October 01, 2019
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