A dumbass american that thinks their the greatest person and most important in the world but should really be shot cause they have no understanding what is beyond the borders of their stupidity.
and they are usually found in trailers. Peices of crap
Bush is trailer trash.

Nobody likes that trailer trash dyke
by Canadian Smartass April 11, 2006
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A person who is often times frowned upon or just missunderstood. Rarely ever seen without a frown and unheard. People who know this person are often times shocked but how crazy they are. Can be found on a motorcycle threatning others with a spork.

Also hates steven.
Hey Trailer Trash, hows the whore housec coming?
by Trailer Trash February 11, 2004
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Rednecks who live in families of ten or more (themself, one wife, and eight or more kids) in a trailer home at a trailer park. They are stupid, white, and have no job.
When you go down south to Birmingham, you will find lots and lots of trailer trash.
by NYtopsbiatch January 23, 2012
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Worthless person that lives in a trailer
See "epon"
Did you see epon on Jerry?
by JT March 14, 2005
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One who is either

1. A newb to the porn game


2. Poor and clueless

and settles for / beats their meat to porn trailers instead of searching for free high quality porn or subscribing (with a membership) to a paying website.
Josh: Man did you guys see that new bang bros trailer clip with Gianna?

Ted: Wow Josh.. trailers? seriously? Get out of here you trailer trash.
by Jake T. Williamson June 3, 2009
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A really great porn magazine featuring hot skanky girls with bad skin, grasy hair and gaps in their teeth.
by Beowulf November 15, 2004
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the garbage and the people who drop the garbage from the roof of their cars, coming out of the trailer park.
Trailer Trash/Trailer Park Trash; people from trailer parks, who put their garbage on the roof of their cars, to take to the trash bin...then forget it,.. drive down the road and it falls off...THOSE people are "trailer trash"-"trailer park trash," and the garbage all over the road is "trailer trash"-"trailer park trash."
by cocoplain (i am cocoplain) October 5, 2010
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