Trashy people who live in trailers.
That whore ain't nothin' but trailer trash.
by DiamondPrincess August 4, 2003
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Usually people of white race. Use lots of foul language, get skanky white teens pregnant, live in a trailer or RV of some sort, huge football and nascar fans, drink lots on bush light or some kind of McCormick liquor, beat their wives daily, have 10 kids running around. The trailer trash car of choice is usually a camaro or trans am with cut off exhausts, chrome engine dress-up kits and super wide tires(to keep em on the gravel).
" Woman Nascar is on, get me a dead gum bush light, or ill beat you like a dead opossum..."- trailer trash
by rj180sx December 22, 2009
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a scum who lives in a trailer. the trailer will usually smell like 20 year old rotting corpses. You will have to swim your way through the garbage in the trailer.

The residents inside will usually have hygeine problems.
Hey look, it's trailer trash boy.
by your mother............. February 2, 2009
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normally a person who is white and once lived in a trailer and pisses everyone off and looks like shit most of the time see red neck or hick
oh my god its tricia what an asshole nope she is not that she is just trailer trash
by emily August 5, 2004
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the poorest of poor people who live in old, beat up, run down house trailers(used with singular or plural force, rude and derogatory)
Do I have to do business with trailer trash?
by Light Joker December 29, 2005
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people, mostly of caucasian race, who live in a trailer park and are always dirty, their hair is long, and the date their relatives.
Guy 1: "Look at that trailer trash billy bob trying to talk to that girl."

Guy 2: "It's o.k., thats his sister."
by blueberry billy May 26, 2006
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Any low-life cousin-fucking cop.
All police, including deputies and sherriffs, are nothing but low-life, cousin-fucking butt-picking trailer trash.
by laughing at the cops October 25, 2006
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