See Trailer Park Trash. Intelligence of a broke down camero, ain't goin nowhere(double negative, cinder blocks might fall, and the bar is lowered once again). Think NASCAR is a real sport. Beer comes in "BEER" cans. Pabst Blue Ribbon is a holiday special or after beating their wife or kids. Girls are prized. Learn how to count in 1's for later careers.
Only place where a guy would fuck a tail pipe of a firebird over a slut.

People that think that Wal-mart is disneyland.
by Beast November 18, 2003
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people who live in trailers AND are trashy...alcohol...wife beaters....
"Dude, dont date Becky, she's trailer-trash!"
by Amy December 15, 2004
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A hillbilly, or redneck, who does crack, crystal meth, or other drugs of that nature...and of course, lives in a trailer
that meth-head over there is trailer trash.
by anonymous October 09, 2004
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A person (and I use the term loosely) whose most noble purpose in life is human sacrifice to the tornado gods that strike their magnificent trailer parks.
Jerry Springer guests are trailer trash that he scraped off the Appalachian Mountains.
by Electrical Semen June 19, 2006
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Derogatory description for person who seems well-suited to residential life in a mobile home park and is distinguished by poor hygiene, foul language, slovenly or slutty clothing, and general ignorance. Recreations include drinking malt liquor in lawn chairs under tattered R.V. awning and teenage pregnancy. Close synonymn for poor white trash. Can also be used as literal term for personal effects strewn by tornado when ripping though mobile home park.
Leanne Rodent is Trailer Trash
by Canadianada January 09, 2010
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