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A bar crawl style group drinking adventure in which the group dresses in native american garments (buckskin, feathers and war paint) and a group "leader" dresses as Andrew Jackson in a military uniform. The leader is charged with picking the route and stops along the crawl and forcing the group to leave at random before they have finished their fire water at each watering hole. The bars along the route have to gradually decline in quality of the service and classiness of their patrons. Participants who black/pass out along the way are stripped of their belongings by the rest of the group and left behind. If any natives find a way to trade for and/or steal enough clothing along the trail to become "civilized," they are allowed to help Jackson lead the crawl and can take drinks at random from the natives.
Steve got left behind on our trail of beers last night, they found him half naked in the urinal trough at the Shadium Inn covered in piss and war paint.
by sammietwoton June 22, 2012
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Trail of Beers is a drinking game in the beer pong family. The game is usually played with 3 or 4 people per side, and as many balls. For this reason, it is great for small parties that wish to be more inclusive than a four-person game at a time.

One side arranges their cups in the traditional 10-cup triangular format, with cups filled to the usual amount for a game of beer pong. This team is the American settlers. When a cup of theirs is hit they must drink and then immediately refill the cup, placing in its original position. The American Settlers will always have a perfect triangle on their side.

The opposing side is the Native Americans. Their side consists of 10 cups in a vertical line, each filled with one entire can of beer. For a cup to be consumed, the American Settlers must hit the cups in perfect order, starting with the cup closest to them and ending with the cup furthest from them.

The goal of the game is for the American Settlers to hit all ten cups in order before they have had ten cans of beer (which is probably around 50 hits by the opposing team).

When the Native Americans have finish a beer, they can place the empty cup anywhere on the table as a decoy. If the Settlers hit this cup (or many of these cups) they have to drink that many respective cups from their triangle. This is an important and game-changing rule.

If at all possible, Bollywood music should play at all times (as to support a hilarious play on the 'Indians' pun)
some guy: "yo wanna play trail of beers???"

8 other dudes: " AW YAAAAA!!!"
by Frio River August 11, 2013
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