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Die hard Deadheads would trade just about anything for drugs, tapes, tickets, beads and food. Among those anecdotes is a story of a young hippy couple who were trading packaged spaghetti for anything edible like cheeze sandwiches and acid-laced Kool-Aid. Seems their propane stove in the VW bus was out of fuel (they forgot to fill it prior to the festival) and they couldn't cook any fresh hot pasta that they had spent their last $5 on and planned on trading, so they tried in vain to trade the boxes of uncooked pasta for anything that a follower would want! The pics and story made the OC Register back in the early Eighties. The girl was quoted as saying something like, "Well, you can take it home and cook it later, man, and you will be blessed that you made a miracle happen for us."
That hippy over there is trading spaghetti for acid-laced Kool-Aid.
by jeffkopeck May 15, 2017
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