contestants race to finish a bag of franzia wine, and then ride bikes.
dude what did you do to your elbow?

tour de franzia last night, bro
by fenderbender41 May 21, 2010
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when a large group of friends gather and split up into groups of three. each group purchases a box of fronzia and has a list of 10 places they need to go and take pictures drinking the franzia at.
we'll be so fucked up by the 6th location, we wont even complete the tour de franzia.
by eetabayla April 26, 2010
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When one buys every variety of Franzia boxed wine, than proceeds to "slap the bag" down a line till s/he has sampled each one. Tour winners often go for round 2 or 3. An armstrong or a lance is achieved when someone completes the Tour 7 times in one night.
Ralph- yo how fucked up were you?
Molly- i was schmacked, i did the Tour de Franzia twice!!
Raplh- Fuck yeah!
by youhaveaniceface July 13, 2012
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A Tour de Franzia is a variation of a Power Hour wherein the bicycler drinks a shot of Franzia every minute, on the minute, for an hour.

A Centurion of Tour de Franzia is similar, except that it goes for 100 minutes.

Tours de Franzia must be done while wearing at least a bicycle helmet. It is better if the cyclist wears bicycle gloves, pads, and riding clothes. It is also recommended that a water bottle be filled with Franzia in order to provide hydration in between shots.
"Do you want to do a Tour de Franzia to pregame?"

"No way man, a Tour de Franzia will be my endgame."
by AEKDB_Eta March 11, 2009
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A drinking game. Rules vary, but it involves inexpensive boxed wine and a tiny bicycle.
Pledge Toilet impressed the brothers with his performance in the Tour de Franzia, able to maintain his balance and coordination after a quart of Chillable Red.
by tp217 March 08, 2021
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Le Tour de Franzia is a drinking game in which the point is to consume a 5L box of wine as fast as possible. Usually requiring a team. Each team gets a color corresponding to their varietal of choice.
Dude I thought I was Lance Drinkstrong last night and did le Tour de Franzia by myself.

How long did you puke afterwards.

2 hours
by Rapcallion 1 RVA September 03, 2006
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