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What every Tool fan boy will say. He's normally listened to dumb heavy metal and simple minded rock songs all his life and smoked pot. All of a sudden he discovered Tool and acts like he is smarter than everyone in the world. The reason the fans think they are smarter than everyone is because Tool uses so many intellectual theory and philosophy influence lyrics and imagery in their songs that the kids begin to think they're smarter than everyone because they think they understand something no one else understands. All of a sudden these kids feel superior to their peers who listen to simple minded rock and heavy metal. The reason this has happened because Tool's music is accessible to the mainstream and at the same time tool uses less accessible and strange ideas hidden behind their lyrics. this means they can capture and attract dumb people but hide stronger intellectual concept within their songs which are later discovered upon more careful analysis and research. the fanatic kids who put stronger research into tool's songs normally become psuedo intellectual art snobs and hipsters. these kids think tool is the greatest band on earth because compared to what these kids listened to all their life, eg dumb rocking power ballad and pop/rock bands, tool is superior in concept. tool is a great band, it's just their fans who become obnoxious with staunch conviction.
fan boys will say "tool is the greatest band on earth" because their music is catchy and easy to rock out to yet hold strange and interesting meaning behind them. most rock bands before tool were nothing more than dumber party power ballad bands.
by eazy-X May 22, 2008
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