(taboo) an offensive word used to describe a heterosexual man
All tofus are the same: squishy, unattractive and taste bad.
What's the tofu doing in a gay bar?
by PantheraTigrisTigris June 08, 2014
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Gelatinous, pretty much flavorless hunks of bean curd. Good addition of (some, but not all kinds of) protien to a vegetarian diet, and it can be flavored pretty easily.
Ever since I became vegetarian, I started eating more (free range) eggs, nuts, mushrooms (heh), and tofu!
by Mike December 29, 2003
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A person with a personality that changes based on the other people they are with at that specific time. The "tofu" person has a generally bland personality when alone. They seem to temporarily absorb the thoughts, actions, and believes of those they are with.
Stephanie- "Jon is so tofu. He is a total jerk when he is around Will, but he's so sweet when it's just him and me."
by euphorality December 12, 2013
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Not bad at all. Certainly better than eating cooked flesh...
Tofu isn't bad. Make fun of me all you want for it.
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one level above styrafoam, one level below cardboard
you want me to eat tofu?!?
by Mutley the dog December 19, 1999
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A slang word for sex, popular in the Northwestern US and the California coast. Mostly in Asian communities.

Derived from the expression "Selling Tofu", a Chinese euphemism for prostitution
Leah and Benjamin are in the bedroom having tofu.
by Sean-E July 29, 2008
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