to literally call a girl (who is NOT a prostitute by profession) a slut and tell her she should be ashamed of herself for the way she dresses, simply because you do not like the way she is dressed
(N.B: I nominated this post for 'Best of Craigslist', because it was actually written in as a poem, of which I have an excerpt above) :

Craigslist post in Montreal, Canada

" (...) you spotted me walking quickly to my class and decided you needed to stop me so you can give me your opinion about my clothing; You proceeded to slut shame me. What were you thinking? (...)"
by sexydimma November 01, 2014
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Slut Shaming is when guys, and perhaps some females too, call girls that pass out nudes and porn of themselves sluts, hoes, whores, tarts, light skirts, floozies, trollops, doxies, strumpets or other derogatory expressions. Slut shaming is also frequently applied when women engage in sexual intercourse with lots of men or girls in schools have indiscriminate oral sex with guys to try and be popular. Many feminists dislike slut shaming because they think it's demeaning and degrading to the slutty girls but apparently sucking lots of dick, porking lots of guys or passing lots of nudes and porn somehow isn't.
Guy: Damn, that girl is so desperate for attention that she'll blow anyone in school. What a ho.

Feminist: Hey, don't be slut shaming and calling that poor girl a ho just because she sucks dick to get attention or try and act cool . It's her right as a female to suck a lot of dick and pass herpes all over school if she wants.
by oceancats April 02, 2017
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People say they are against "slut shaming" when they are trying to tell us a girl who goes around half naked is just as honorable as a girl who dresses nicely, and that a slut is as good as a girl who only has sex with one guy in her life.
How is having my boobs out not a decent outfit?????

Why does sexual history matter
You think women's choices have value

How dehumanizing
I am the same as a virgin wife

Stop slut shaming, bigots
by chFree77 October 18, 2018
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(V;): to shame someone, male or female, for sleeping around indescriminantly with anyone and everyone they can, often without even knowing the persons name.

Many neo-feminists and radical feminist who have no concept of true feminism use the term incorrectly to attempt to call out anyone who makes a statement about their feelings on sluts, or for making statements such as "if she's been with 5 guys since Wednesday and it's only Saturday, she's not girlfriend material."

Much of what is pegged as slut shaming is nothing more than someone saying "sleeping around a lot is pretty disgusting and dangerous."
Dana: Jenna has been bringing guys from the bar back to our dorm all week, and most of them don't even know her name. It's sad and disgusting.
by CommonSenseBitch January 26, 2014
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The act of putting someone down for having sex with too many people. Normally applied only to women, but can and should be used for men also.

This word has been hijacked by modern "feminists" who think its use only targets women and poorly reflects on all women regardless of sexual orientation, sexual habits, and sexual practices.

Misuse of word is caused by confusion of the meaning of the word "slut".
"Jenny had a train pulled on her last night by the football team and she loved it! What a piece of nasty crap!"

"You asshole. That's totally acceptable behavior and you're just slut shaming her. You will only hurt her and the rest of womanhood."
by King Lebowski November 30, 2012
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calling someone (mostlikely female) a THOT
Man ALinity is such a thot with her revealing tits
people are slut-shaming at alinity.
by chingureul mananeura Shy shy s December 05, 2018
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A term some hoe made up for fucking too much. Applies to males and females
Slut shaming her/him is wrong! He/she only slept with 2 million people.
by Thickbitch68 March 13, 2017
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