Ting means 'Sexual Favours'. People can have 'tings', meaning that they give each other sexual favours. It can also be used as a saying, shortened from things, but still giving the impression towards sexual influences.
Boy: Hey, what you up to tonight?

Girl: Nothing, got a free house, fancy coming over for some tings?

Boy: Lets do this ting!
by It Ends Here. June 06, 2010
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A Ting is a text that is composed of songs lyrics, thus being a textual way of singing, coined Tinging.
I'll just ting my girlfriend some marvin gaye lyrics. bitches loves marvin gaye.
by TiffanyBizkit January 03, 2011
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Ting is a girl who's passionate and very artistic. She has a mind of imagination and creativity. Deep inside, she is a brave girl and looking to fit in. Although she might not have the best looks, her personality makes her stand out and smiles everyday. Ting is loved by many, and can be the craziest person ever. Her drawing skills are way beyond outstanding!
Friend: Hey Ting, what are you drawing?
Ting: Oh, just some potatoes riding on rainbows!
by Dat Girl Over There October 20, 2016
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The conscious recognition that one has only just lost their sobriety. Any more alcohol consumed after the 'tinged' phase will result in progressive drunkeness.

Pronounced with a hard g, i.e 'ting-ed'.
"I've just drank four pints and I felt totally fine, now I'm on the fifth, I've just totally felt the ting."
by Zeke & Zen August 23, 2006
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ting (noun): an action demonstrating a lack of social awareness
Chris pulled a ting and didn't show up because he thought Memorial Day was in June.
by Franklin D. Brosevelt October 15, 2010
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Noun: In Magic: The Gathering, a shortening of the word 'Beating'.
Verb: To win a game of Magic by an extraordinary stroke of luck or incredible talent, usually in the first 5 turns.
"I delivered such a brutal 'Ting in the 3rd round to the fool playing Astral Slide.
by Montezuma999 July 25, 2003
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