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A rear end that is exceptionally attractive, well-defined, or desirable according to the butt fad of the month.
Tight ass on that boy!
by MissionDoll November 11, 2004
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A small but really nice ass

It's really curvy and you just have lust for it.

Or when a girl just wears really tight skinny jeans that you can see her asscrack through them.
Man christina has such a tight ass in those jeans. I just wanna buttfuck her
by Niceazz September 22, 2009
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A cheap person or a over cautious person. Tight taken from 'Uptight'.
Dude, Macv won't even hace people over cuz he thinks we will make a mess of his house, what a tight ass.
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Someone who treats others ideas and opinions with scrutiny or sees the world in an extremely cynical and sarcastic view.
"Grady can be a real tightass sometimes."
by donnie December 08, 2004
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someone who is reluctant to spend money when they have no reason not too
Sully is such a dumbass and a tightass, he works full time and has has no debts or anything important to spend his money on, yet he wont buy drinks for his mates
by GOD September 12, 2004
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1. (noun) Someone who isn't open to understanding anything they don't want to understand; they're closed-minded people and they will judge anything they can't identify with. Ironic part is that other people will say, "what's up that guy's ass?". This might imply that they have a loose ass.

2. (also noun) Someone who many would see as too careful with their money. Being thrifty or cheap.
1. Movie: Coupe de Ville (1990)

Marvin (drill sergeant in the Air Force): "So you think I'm a tight ass huh?"
Bobby egging him on: "Oh I know you're a tightass, everyone knows you're a tightass."

2. "We went to the movies and the dickhead said he forgot his wallet, so I paid for all his shit. The next day, I find out his wallet was in his coat pocket the whole time and he's a surgeon with no family."
by Duffman5 February 10, 2013
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