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to right ones blunder.

originates from falling over in a public place such as in school and pretending you are down there to tie ones laces, no matter how bad or obvious the fall.

can also be taken out of context, used as a metaphore and used in the event of social faux par or sporting blunder
(in trying to kick a football falling over in a most awkward fashon)
one would do a forward roll and tie ones laces like that was his intention in the first place

(man falls down an escalator in shopping centre with many witnesses) (fall must end in tying laces possision to have any effect, any injuries will be overlooked in a good doubble knot finish)
- are you alright mate?
- yeah, just tying my laces

(homo-erotic, racest or genuinly disturbing or offencive remark made in front of company or friends)
- nah, u need to tie your laces for that one son

(coming out of the toilet with ones genitalier still on show)
- cough* i think u need to tie your laces budy. signal to area in question*
by lozzadon February 08, 2011
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