It's like but worse. Tic Tok is for pedophiles, fortnite trolls, suicide lip sync, and furries.
I blame you Kesha
Tic Tok sucks!
by dullet girl November 11, 2018
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A site which old men can she young girls twerk
Go on Tic Tok to see a child twerk her ass
by ♡yo♡ January 28, 2019
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That dumb Bitch that everyone is addicted to and people would watch during their online classes rather than paying attention.
Teacher: Jenny whats the answer to question 5
Me not knowing because I was watching tic tok: Puts that one tic tok on that makes it sound like your glitching. ; )
Teacher: Oh okay never mind
by ***tHat bITcH*** September 17, 2020
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P2:what the actual fuck
P1:oh i do crack sorry
by cchnhjcbxsvsccsu February 1, 2021
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