When two people gently touch noses and tongues at the same time as a gesture of affection. Can be used as both a noun and a verb.
Come and tic-tac with me!

Give me a tic-tac, baby!
by tihmn August 01, 2020
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ey up and welcome to callums corner, now, ive had to say this a few times now but this is the final time that i will say this. SHUP UP about my head, it is normal, it is a nice head it does not look like a sodding tic tac. I dont think you know who you're dealing with here, look at how tall I am, I'm 6'5" look at me, i'm like a beast! you do not want to be mocking me i tell ya, and you're idiots all of you the people who are mocking me you look like spazmoids one of them looks like a jacket potato with glasses on his head and i swear there's ginger people trying to mock me! you know i'm not the kind of person you do not want to be messing with. I don't like cats, i don't think kittens and puppy dogs are cute, in fact I think all cats are dickheads if I'm honest with ya, when I see them in my garden i run out there and scare them away so you want to think carefully before you start mocking my head again because i'm taking names down and i will shame you all in a video I will. You wouldn't be saying this if you were standing in front of me you'd be cowering ou know, when I eat peanut mnm's I crush each one in my fingers so I'm strong you know what I mean? you need to stop this stupidity or there will be consequences, names are taken and you will be shamed in a video. That's all I've got to say about that
Tic Tac man. Dont meme him he is sad about michelle + eating big macs
via giphy
by ASODDINGTICTAC October 20, 2019
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Anyone who thinks that losing the popular vote in an election means you have a mandate.
You are such a tic tac.
by Deethreepio December 20, 2016
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the size of a penis
"your hung like a tic tac"

"is that a tic tac in ur pocket or are u just happy to see me"
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
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A person or group who has a gigantic ego and thinks as himself as a god/deity. When in reality they’re just a bunch of annoying twats.
Banana: Jack is such a Tic Tac
Obama: Lmao agreed
by Sadlmao September 23, 2019
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The final frontier. When you insert Tic Tacs one by one into your partners belly button using only your tongue. Keep track of how many fit without any falling out.

Pro tip: Works best with orange flavored Tic Tacs.
Dude Guy #1: Bro she let me tic tac her last night.

Dude guy #2: You've got a keeper there bud!
by tictacs4lyfe August 11, 2018
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Moving the nose of a skateboard to either the left or the right by shifting your weight onto the back of the board, and popping the nose up in short hops. A beginner move used to change directions.
"Josh tic tacs to swerve and miss an oncoming car.
by Sk8er mom September 13, 2007
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