an erotic art in oral sex wherein the primary stimulation of the penis is accomplished with the fellatrix's throat rather than the lips or tongue.

Key signs that a throat job is in progress are the depth the penis is accepted into the mouth, and the lips are often open rather than closed around the shaft.
Student X: Is a throat job the same as a throat fuck?

Professor Sex: Not exactly. While in some cases there may be little practical difference, a throat job can occur without the recipient doing any thrusting motions typically involved in a throat fuck.
by Figleaf23 January 14, 2009
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when you cut a bitches head off and receive oral sex through the her windpipe.

ps. you can make it extra sexy by busting down her esophagus

dam nigga, after you kill that nappy bitch, get that headless throat job nig-a-lig!!!!!!
by yeahyea January 10, 2009
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