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An alternative rock band from Canada. Originally consisting of three members: Adam Gontier, Neil Sanderson, and Brad Walst. They are the three guys that play on the self-titled debut album. Barry Stock was added a little later on, to play guitar with Adam.

Three Days Grace has put out two full-length albums. The self-titled debut in 2003 and One-x in 2006.

Singles from the debut are:
"Just Like You"
"I Hate Everything About You"

So far the only single from One-x is "Animal I've Become"
Three Days Grace owns my soul.

I waited three years for One-x and was not disappointed.
by lifeordeath July 25, 2006
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One of the best bands out there! Saw them in concert, it ROCKED!
Three Days Grace rocked with Trapt and Smile Empty Soul.
by PretentiousLies August 29, 2003
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An amazing band with great lyrics! Three Days Grace is one of the best bands out there. I, too, saw them play and it was amazing.
The only thing better than Three Days Grace's CD is them live!
by XxSolitAryEch0xX August 31, 2003
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Brilliant band from Canada with a fanbloodytastic debut song.
Listen to them. Now.

Also known as 3DG.
by IceIceIceHockey March 24, 2004
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One of the best bands ever, the best thing in Canada.

Though (Trust me, I'm a huge fan), they're songs are a bit repetitive. If they are to work on that, then they can become so much bigger and popular.
1 Thing
2 Say
3 Days Grace
4 Ever!

Overused comment on about all Three Days Grace videos.
by Sleepyyawn July 18, 2011
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One of the greatest bands ever. Currently has 7 singles: I Hate Everything About You, Just Like You, Home, Animal I Have Become, Pain, Never Too Late, Riot, Break, and The Good Life. Currently signed with Jive Records. Their album One-X may sound slightly emo-ish, but Adam Gontier was going through a rough time when that album was written, so to all you tasteless TDG haters out there, BACK OFF! Has the very attractive Adam Gontier as the lead singer. Great music and meaningful lyrics are only the beginning of this amazing band's qualities.
1 thing
2 say
3 Days Grace
-Commonly found comment on Three Days Grace videos on Youtube
by bbtdgfan123 June 20, 2010
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1) A band that's been lickin' Miley Cyruses, Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber's asses since 2003, before anyone gave a crap about any of those gay stars.

2) A Canadian rock band from Ontario, CA formed of Adam Gontier, Barry Stock, Neil Sanderson and Brad Walst.
by I-have-a-taste-in-music May 10, 2010
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