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A male orbiter of an attractive female that is a "good friend", but essentially a domestic servant of this female who exploits him.

The most common initial relationship structure are one sided friendships that are financially draining for the male e.g. friendzone.

Some of the worst examples of this is when they are married and he supports her while she sleeps with higher status men in his social circle in constant attempts to upgrade from him that mostly fail.

He is aware of this but suffers from cognitive dissonance, denial and ultimately enables her behavior which lead to his self destruction.
Person :1 You know that Robert went to pick up his girls things from his supervisors place after she ran off with him? I guess he took her back, what a thot butler.
Person :2 Yeah he did. They just posted a pic of themselves together at a restaurant like nothing happened, what a moron.
by nullcipher June 13, 2018
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