A piece of slutty undergarment in various seductive colors that fast female wear to make men’s dick’s hard. Very thin and Lacey and rides up that thot’s backside to reveal the total ass.
I got to keep that hoe’s thong after wearing her ass out,I wear that thong with pride on my head (with the ass and the pussy part facing my nose) like a luchador and wack off.
by Assman2000 February 08, 2021
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1. A cheap rubber sandal, often stereotyped to be used by Australians.

2. An expensive type of underwear that wedges its way up one’s buttcheeks and still conceals their vagina.
1. On the hot Australian beach, Steven wore thongs.

2. Kim wore the thong to impress her boyfriend one day.
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by Candinator June 04, 2019
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According to google, a thong is a sexy pant thingy that has been given to people with big schlongs, but to me, a thong is a thing used for fucking satanic purposes. FUCK THE THONG
Mom: Hey Jimmy, wheres my thong.
Jimmy: It's in my room, but i don't reccomend wearing it.
Mom: Jimmy did you fucking cum in my thong again.
Jimmy: Yes and now i'm gonna cum in that wet ass pussy
by Cowgirl69420 March 07, 2021
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Thong, is when you have bebe and you wear on booty
Max: Yesterday i had bebe now i wear on booty i call it THONG

kenny: Wow! Is that a new invention?

Max: idk dude, maybe.
by bolt148 March 16, 2020
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1. A sexy piece of undergarment or panty which girls wear that shows lots of ass and covers up the vaginal area like a covid mask. Also a stringy panty where you can put a dollar in the band when tipping a stripper at the club.
2. A two piece rubber sandal with a horn near the biggest toe that usually irritates the females foot when walking in them all day long causing irritation fungus and hammer time to their feet.
3. The best covid face mask available that you can make yourself.
Ronnie: damn man dem thongs on that girl like n-n-nasty!!!

Brian: yeah man

Brad: hey look at those thongs did to that girls foot
Yen: I bet it hurts and is irritating

Amb: my boyfriend is gonna be so happy!!
Shellie: why?
Amb: I made him the sexiest Thong to wear to work !!
by Western Tunesmith February 08, 2021
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