After Daniel Howell posted his iconic coming out video, old fans suddenly logged into their old phan accounts to repost old fan edits with the title being ''hits different". This lead to fans going back to old dan and phil videos and commenting the same. It then spread to videos that weren't even related to phan at all.
dan from 2010- "fyi, i like vagina."
phil from 2010- "same"
Phandom: "This hits different"
by Internet Hobo Trash June 28, 2019
a phrase used by phannies to describe anything done by dan and/or phil at any time before their coming out that can now be seen in a different light. the term was made popular by twitter user @rainbowsdan
phannie 1: *post video of dan saying something gay*
phannie 2: this hits different
by notrainbowsdan July 2, 2019
When something “hits different” it is significantly better than usual or is way better under Certain circumstances.
by Sexy big toe October 7, 2020
to listen or experience something that conveys a different emotion or feeling than when previously experienced. this new feeling is typically significantly worse or better after new information is discovered.
i love michael jackson, but this song hits different now that he’s a pedophile lmao.
by scorp2o July 12, 2019
Hit Different - When two good things aren’t the same
These wings are good, but this pizza hit different.
by Mr.Yessir February 24, 2019
Unforeseen and unusual psychoactive effects occuring from drug consumption.
*After smoking a blunt*
Stoner 1: "Alright bro, you ready to head out?"
Stoner 2: "Give me like five minutes bro... this weed is hitting different tonight."
by peepeepoopooman April 19, 2019
anyone in the phandom talking about literally anything after Dan and Phil came out as if that somehow changed it.
*any gif of Dan and Phil in close proximity to each other*
phannies reblogging it on tumblr: THIS HITS DIFFERENTLY
by nagitosasswipe June 19, 2019