Mainly girls name Sienna! They just be slim thick looking good always!
Damn Sienna you need a whole ass magazine because you a slim thick goddess
by Slim Thick! October 13, 2020
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omfg I love this girl she is amazing the end.SHE IS SLIM THICK
by Maid dress April 21, 2021
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Eden. If you’re named Eden, you’re slim thick.
Joshua: Hey I’m taking to a girl.

Jacoby: She slim or thick?
Joshua: she’s both bro. She’s slim thick. She’s Eden.
by Unstable cow March 2, 2021
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A body that is thick but put together in a sloppy way
Ewww, she got too many rolls. Her body is so fucked up, she’s sloppy thick.
by Pr355PLAY November 3, 2019
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