the thicc boys are the evolved version of mankind.
damn... those boys T H I C C... they must be part of an thicc boi squad
by thicc boi squad February 13, 2018
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the best type of boy. they do not skip leg day. big ass quads. thicc thighed boys are often big and tall in general. they do not bore others talking excessively about the weight room because they are aware that no one gives a flying shit. may be spotted walking with a limp or icing a different part of their body. can also usually be identified by their spotify play lists which are always good asf.
i’m only a simp for thicc thighed boys.

i just need me a thicc thighed boy to take away the pain.
by inevermisswithdefinitions June 11, 2021
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A way of saying "one thicc boi". The "un" is the masculine indefinite article, meaning "a", from the Spanish language. "Thicc boi" is from the English language, and when combining these two phrases, makes a Spanglish sentence. This is a better way to say "one thicc boi" and is, from experience, more likely to get laughs. Sometimes you can say "un hella thicc boi" but that can be a bit over the top.
(Eighth graders learning about U.S. History)
Person 1: (whispers) Washington was un thicc boi, am I right?
Person 2: (Trying to muffle their laughter) Hell yeah!!!
by rootbeer&icecream February 05, 2018
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