Someone who’s so incredibly fine, they can destroy the universe. Everybody once’s a piece of it.
Person 1: Hey Kevin! How are you doing thicc boi😏? Looking like a fat ass snack right now!
Person 2: Thanks! Wanna smash? I know you want a piece of this
by Obama’s August 18, 2018
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this dude is hella thicc. like, complete strangers would agree that he stupid thicc. hes also gay and a bit of a thot. all dudes around will see him and be like "damnnnn he T H I C C tho!"
"yo have you seen thiccums anywhere?"
"yeah brandon's over there"
by hentaigod42 February 21, 2019
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A name that one gives to himself if his initials are GAP.
James: type in a name
Garrett: GAP
James: not your initials, a nickname
Garrett: Thicc Boi Roy
by Thiccboiroy July 08, 2018
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When a nigga's tryin pass the blame to someone else, you hittem with the Thicc Bois Drive Slick to show em, that you ain't finna lettem pull a fast one on you
Tyrone: Yo I didn't shoot him, that was my nigga Jamal
Jamal: Fuck chu mean, Thicc Bois Drive Slick, you ain't makin this my problem.
by Thicc Slicc Boi October 11, 2019
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When the bartender dumps some ice into a rocks glass and pours grey goose until soda will barely fit. Then yeets the soda (sprite) on top. The official drink of The Nasty Bros. An extra tall glass of Grey Goose with a splash of sprite
Hey man what are you drinkin? “Shit man. Imma order a thicc ass boi.” Whats that. Itll get you tore down. Shut your ass up and get a thicc ass boi!!!’
by BVWB March 01, 2020
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