When a man resembles the thicc curves of a black woman.
"Yo that H3H3 productions guy is such a thicc boy"
by TandemC October 7, 2017
When your local little boi has a fat ass, he is referred as a Thicc Boi
Damn I see a Thicc Boi
by IAmAThiccBoi March 12, 2018
When your mate is thick, not to be confused with fat
“Damn Patrick you looking Pathicc.”
You already know I’m a thicc boi
by fynny6669 July 3, 2018
An overweight (not obese) guy. Used in a jokingly way, rather than the term "husky."
Davis:You're fat
Brennan: Nah, Imma thicc boi!
by Shecallmemrboombastic December 19, 2017
A gang full of people that nickname themselves in kahoot to be comedic and taunt the others for being really stupid.
by BigShaggerCurray October 2, 2018
A Boi that is thiccccccc, too THICCCC. Best ass around. Normally has bad memes, but is good all round. Has tendencies to get mad (MADLAD). Looks like a bellend. But is a nicee guy.

Can’t aim at video games, has 2% aim.

Good friend, but doesn’t understand the word caramelised or sarcasm 👌🏻
You:Wow is that a Thicc boi?
Me: yes his name is Brandon and is thiicccc. I call him Thicc boi Brandon
You: can I smash him?
Brandon: bend over
by like to stay inside March 8, 2018