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TKWC (These Kids Wear Crowns) is a band who hail from Chiliwack BC, Canada and consist of Alex Johnson (vocals), Alan Poettcker (bass), Joe Porter (guitar), Josh 'Gypsy' McDaniel (guitar), Josh Mitchinson (drums), Matt Vink (keys). The band is known for their high-energy preformances and hyping up the crowd with dance moves. They also ask fans to suggest genres for their music as they have a very uniqe sound, with all of their talents. What most people dont know about TKWC is that they got discoverd on MuchMusic's DISband, which they one, with help from Greig Nori. The band is close with FeFe Dobson. They currently have 2 albums: These Kids Wear Crowns (EP) and Jumpstart, the bands first full lenth featuring remixes of songs on the EP and a cover of I Want To Dance With Somebody.
Fan A: Have you heard 'Jumpstart' by these kids wear crowns?

Fan B: OMG YES! Its the perfect blend of pop and dance!
by MusicLover2 July 11, 2011
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