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phrase beginning smokers say to their parents (and rarely, children, spouses, or siblings, and very rarely, grandchildren) when they are told it's unhealthy for them and such people tell them not to continue
Mother: "You've been smoking, haven't you? I can smell it on your clothes even when you tried to cover it up."
Daughter (angry and embarassed): "Mother! There's so much stress in my life, so I need to smoke, okay?! Daddy keeps putting on that shitty rap channel and it stresses me out, so smoking will calm it down".
Mother: "Watch your mouth there, young lady. Don't let that bother you. He's just teasing you and you know it. And, you won't smoke anymore or he'll hear about it".
Daughter: "I won't smoke at home, okay? I'll just do it outside the home, and I'll cover it up when I'm done. No one here will suspect a thing."
Mother: "You won't do it anywhere! You're done with it now!"
by Karen Stickney November 04, 2007
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