It's the exceptionally annoying thing that "motivational" speakers say, but it does have the ultimate put down, Read On.....
Speaker: There's no "I" in "team".

Student: You're right, but there is a "U" in CUNT.
by SectionStar September 10, 2009
...but there is one in BULLSHIT!
- There's no I in TEAM!
- But there is one in BULLSHIT! boo-fucking-hoo!
by zrx September 22, 2011
Are you sick of being told to shut up during a group project? We've all heard 'there is no I in team' far too many times. Guess what, your individuality and contribution counts. And, there IS an I in team if you look closely enough.

Look at the A in the letter team .. sorry the A is a bit sloppy. See it?

|. _ .|
| |_| |
|. _ .|
|.| |. |
|_| |_|
George: Get your butt over here and finish this biology lab!
Bob: I've already done my share, you take a turn for a change, dammit! I couldn't care less.
George: You know what they say ... *smirk* there is no I in team!
Bob: Actually, there IS an 'I' in team!!!
George: *mind blown*
by qascghjkl;' April 7, 2011