John Nolan's lyrical response to jesse Lacey's song "Seventy Times Seven".
Best friends means I pulled the trigger. (There's No I In Team)


I want to kill you like only a best friend could. (Seventy Times Seven)
by Ashley May 21, 2004
A Phrase That Was Started To Attempt To Remove The Phrase "There IS A Me In Team"
Player 1: Hey Man You Gotta Pass The Ball "Theres No I In Team"
Player2: Yes But There Is A Me In Team So BACK OFF Its Not My Fault You SUCK!
by Otacon May 18, 2004
Hey morons, notice how there is no "we" in team. Exactly, so shut the FUCK up!
"Hey dude, there's no "I" in team, you selfish basturd."-says gregory to jocky b.
"Hey mutha fucka, there ain't no "we" in team!"-says jocky b to the nonathelitic gregory.
by Shanomac May 20, 2004
there's no I in team
but there's I in pie
there's an I in meat pie
soo I gonna go with meat is team
ahhhh.... I dont know
by blah blah January 3, 2005
A phrase used to remind a glory boy that trying to selfishly do something for personal gain while ignoring the other team members is counter-productive.
There's no I in team, but there's an m and an e!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 16, 2004
theres no I in team but there IS an I in WIN!
Celeste stays up all night figuring out a maximizer formula, and when she comes into work earlier than the rest of you dildiots, you don't get credit for it, SHE DOES. Instead, she gets fired for being a lousy team player. Because you're a whiney little bitch. Before leaving with her severence, she is heard to have shouted "There may not be an I in team, but there is an I in WIN!" as she slid down the banister and into the arms of a deserving company who didn't want to pay a consultant. There's no i in team, but there is in win, okay?!
by Celeste November 2, 2005
Something an adult will say to
1. Make them look better at being a leader/role model.
2. Encourage teamwork.
Adult: There's no i in team, stubborn child!
Stubborn Child: There is if you spell it wrong!
by soupisnice February 19, 2012