1. Medicinal Ketamine (infusion therapy)
2. Ketamine legally administered by a nurse in a mental health doctor’s office; used to treat self-harm and suicidal ideation symptoms in patients who are anti-depressant resistant; another way to treat Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. Good success rate as an alternative. Legal in some states in the U.S, not covered by insurance.
I think my mental wellbeing needs a tune up, I’ll schedule a special k therapy appointment soon.
by staceycasey November 4, 2022
Providing emotional relief to a stranger or acquaintance by softly, and non-lustfully using your member to massage, penetrate, caress, and showcase a willing female in emotional distress.
Jessica, just dumped by her boyfriend, got some tender dick therapy from Chris on a rainy night in NYC.
by Dothivalla October 2, 2015
Otherwise known as NET; the act of converting a Nazi and/or Neo-Nazi into a respectable member of modern society.
Had to perform Nazi Electroshock Therapy on Klaus last night; he said some racy stuff about my Jewish banker Clyde.
by FallenDanish October 31, 2017
When a rap fan gets drumb after hearing too much 808s and drums in songs and needs to hear some quality no drum songs.
Man,Westside Gunns no drum songs are perfect for my drumb therapy.
by Chief Keef Dosa February 14, 2022
Food, a snack, comfort food, fast food, gourmet food. Also coffee, tea, wine, beer or a cold milkshake on a hot summer day.
"Let's stop at the next rest stop on the highway and get some throat therapy."
by PRwiz101 July 11, 2008
Treatment ya get to assist you in becoming da next "infamous Ted", whether it's Bundy or Kaczynski.
Madea was absolutely correct when she told Dr. Phil dat she wouldn't need any psycho-therapy to reach her desired results --- she already WAS totally bonkers in da social department!
by QuacksO June 10, 2021