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The second in charge of Enter The Fayz and a once banned regular of Gaiaphage who has been unbanned but is still loyal to his site Enter The Fayz. He is super funny a little crazy a known "stalker" but not actually dangerous at all. He is either liked or hated by pretty much everyone and according to site creator Micah he may be taking ownership of ETF if he quits.
21:45:30 @ Micah : I was going to say if I was straight...thefisherman would be the perfect form of birth control because i don't want a crazy 12 year old like fisher

Micah: Fisher, in order to ban kristi you have to say
/ban Kristi

Fisher: Kristi ban

Micah: Omg! Fail

No, Fisher.

/ban Kristi

Kristiban/ m
by thefisherman@ETF December 04, 2011
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