Any high school aged kid who is involved with drama and or theatre at their high school. A true theatre kid will fit any of the following criteria:
- Hangs out around the auditorium/chorus/band/drama room in school
- Wears a shirt advertising their next production
- Has an abnormal amount of inside jokes with other theatre kids
- spells theater, theatre
- Drinks some form of caffeine compulsively
- Obsessed with with any of the following musicals; Spring Awakening, RENT, Title of Show or anything else that no one in the main stream would know of.
- At school at odd times AKA late after school, weekends, early mornings
- Has no sense of awkwards boundaries around fellow theatre kids
- makes lots of sexual jokes towards other theatre kids
- Too close to their theatre advisor
- in choir or band
- LOVES to perform to a fault
Hey are you a theatre kid?

Naw, I don't like musicals or sexual advances from strangers back stage in the dark!

Oh, okay!
by h8freewench April 12, 2009
A theatre kid is someone who likes musical and/or performing theatre to the point where their life revolves around it. They usually appear really happy and energetic but end up crying themselves to sleep
Oh, and they eat band kids for lunch
"im a theatre kid"
"dont you love being disappointments to our parents"
by Lavender????? April 26, 2021
A person who:
*Sings Defying Gravity while walking in the hallways
*Dances in class randomly
*Is probably a member of the Newsies fandom
*Is not talking to themselves, but are actually rehearsing their monologue
*Has strange inside jokes with their fellow theatre kids
*Grabs other theatre kids food without even giving it a second thought
*Is gender blind and changes in front of ALL
*Probably obsessed with the current show they're in
*Loves the spotlight to a fault
Girl 1: Did you see her?
Girl 2: Yeah she just started singing out of nowhere...
Girl 1: Oh, she's one of those theatre kids.
by doggy10134 March 4, 2015
you know youre a theatre kid when:
-you practically live at the theatre
-your most common excuse is you have rehearsal
-you know to find your light and stay there
-just because he dances, doesn't mean he likes men
-you like to frolick around, sing show tunes, and get very touchy-feely with others
-guys helping girls get dressed/undressed and vice versa isn't wierd
-your second nature is to hug everyone and cry without worrying what others think
-breaking legs is all in a days work
-one word: caffine
-getting home at midnight on a weeknight is normal
-sleep? who needs sleep?
-you carry around a tooth brush, sewing kit, and deoderant. just incase
-an 8 hour rehearsal i heaven
-...or hell
-you see your cast mates more than your family
-your cast mates become your family!
-no matter how tempting, you don't touch other people's props
-you don't get upstage and downstage confused
-you know where every fast food restaurant, dunkin donuts, and starbucks is within 10 minutes away
-you think singing is a sport because it works out your abs
-you don't get in the way of the running crew because you know you will be sorry
-you KNOW not to provoke your stage manager and director durring hell week
-techies rule the world
-you have felt up someone of the same gender but aren't gay
-eating in costume? are you crazy??
-you have "crazy" warm ups
-you have a preshow ritual. and it changes each show
-you know the correct spelling is "theatRE"
by vibratoxoxo October 10, 2010
hey girlie this one's for you x I'm telling you you're such a theatre kid!!!!
by cheung dan na August 29, 2022
A theatre kid is much like a "drama kid", the only difference being that theatre kids are the EXTREME version of a "drama kid". They are the kids who can never watch a movie/play/tv show without picking out EXACTLY which role they would play, along with all the roles their friends would play as well. They are the ones that get PISSED when "theatre" is spelled "theater". You will usually find a Theatre Kid in their schools drama/choir rooms at school, with their fellow theatre friends. (it's a VERY tight pack they run in, only to be challenged by the coveted "Band Kid" group) working on audition monologues or competition pieces. There are 3 versions of a Theatre kid:

1. Musical Theatre Kid- These are the ones who have more showtunes on their ipods than regular music.They are the ones that idolize Broadway stars instead of MTV stars. They spend hours on YouTube looking up bootleg videos of their favorite Broadway Shows. These are the kids who cannot listen to a song without choreographing a number to it in their heads. They can also be found making up harmonies to various Broadway showtunes with their friends.

2. Straight Theatre Kid- There is only a VERY slight difference between the Straight Theatre Kid and the Musical Theatre Kid. The Straight Theatre Kid is much more focused on acting, where as the Musical Theatre kid thinks more of singing and dancing. A Straight Theatre kid is quite a snob about acting. They love Broadway shows just as much, but will only audition for Musicals if there is a strong acting part. No fluff roles for these kids.

3. A Mixture Of Both- a fierce breed. Let's just say, these kids are bound for fame, because if you are truely an all around Theatre Kid, your life is completely consumed with nothing but fine arts. FIERCE! :
", i just walked past the drama room and i heard two girls harmonizing a song from Spring Awakening while another guy was working on a monologue in the backround...what Theatre Kids..."
by Kelsey Fisher April 21, 2008
Anyone involved in a highschool production, this includes stage crew, costumes and techies and well as the actors. They are probly the most accepting group in the school and the easiest to be friends with. Yes they are wierd but they are a cool wierd that only theatre kids understand. Theatre kids also tend to not just cling to each other like the other groups, theatre kids, especially the actors, are way to out-going to be held back by those limitations, they are probly in other groups too, so odds are the theatre kids rule the school,and have the most connections (but dont tell those rich popular kids) and one more thing, not only are they they coolest nicest group of kids in the school but most of them are smart, and were not just talking about the techies.
(theatre kids randomly singing)

Regular kid: what the heck?

Theatre kid: what?

Regular kid: you guys just started singing in the middle of our conversation!?

Theatre kid: yes, and?
by Anonymous1232100 April 24, 2009