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See the spunk shuffle

When a women keeps her leg closed and shuffles to the toilet to prevent spunk leaking out of her
His mum saw me doing the zoidberg last night, i couldent look at her in the morning

I had to d the spunk shuffle all the way down the hall last night.
by Jamie Foxall March 01, 2008
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During intercourse with a partner ask them: "Would you like to see me drink my own cum from a glass?"

If "Yes" is replied cum in the glass and proceed to raise the glass to your mouth as if to drink...

Suddenly and quickly throw the glass of cum in your partners face. Then run away naked making the same "wub wub wub" noise and Dr Zoidberg (from futurama) while also running in a crab like motion
The Zoidberg Wubwubwub
by Blind Light green July 29, 2009
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