Efficient Cordless Cleaning: Powered by the latest motor technology the Rapid Clean makes cleaning convenient and thorough
40 Minutes Long Lasting Runtime: Up to 40 min of fade-free runtime. Easily switch to MAX power on fingertip controls to increase suction for better cleaning on carpet and rugs
Easy Rest Feature: Need to take a break? The specially designed Easy Rest nook allows you to safely prop the vacuum up on countertops and furniture
Under Furniture Reach: We moved the dust cup to the front so you can lay the vacuum completely flat to reach under beds and furniture with ease
LED Headlights: Bright beams light the way so you can see dust and debris that might otherwise have been missed and make cleaning under furniture much easier
Oh man, I can't wait to get home and use my Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, High Efficiency Powerful Digital Motor LED Headlights, Convenient Stick and Handheld Vac, Essential, Blue to clean my dog's shit.
by SuperSamboy May 30, 2020
the sexual act of putting your mouth against your partner's asshole and sucking their shit out of them.
"Damn baby you're pretty good with the vacuum cleaner."
"Richard I'm so sick of your sexist jokes."
by CrusadeToaster4 May 5, 2020
The shitty piece of foam that no one knows exists in a vacuum, main cause of clogs
Me: Ma'am, your vacuum cleaner filter was causing the no suction problem.
by Wannabe firefighter November 24, 2021
When the dominant figure within a relationship defecates into the others anus, and then proceeds to suck the feces back out with their mouth.
“Yo man heard you guys hooked up, what did you guys end up doing?”

Oh you know, gave her the old Cleveland Steamer Vacuum Cleaner, not much else.”
by Static The Kidd July 25, 2019