Why foreigners and 15 year old kids (and slow people) thinks Hondas are fast... When in all reality they are a slow poor excuse for a car and V-tech is nothing more than variable valve displacement.
15 year old kid -"Wow that whip is fast"

Slow person - "yeah it had v-tech"

Person with common sense - "No it's actually not fast and gets good mpg because of v-tech, if you wanted fast should have bought American"
by Hendobp December 17, 2015
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At bar:

John: Where were you bro?
Jim: I just had some quality v-time. I'm back now. Shots on me!
by jimboshrip December 15, 2011
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tampon vag patch vag-aid pad maxi pad panty liner
Looks like you're all out of tampons... Need me to run to the store for some new "V-tips" for your "Elephant Ears"?
by jefbenne April 26, 2018
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The V-shape where the obliques meet the transversus abdominis muscles. The shape forms a V all the way to the Pee as in peeeeeNIS
Baby your v to the p is so sexy, lemme kiss it
by MakikiLowerPunchbowls January 1, 2022
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The shape of the lower part of your stomach that leads to your dick... only seen with fit men
I need to start working out because I need to get my V to the Shaft
by NFlows January 27, 2016
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Reference to a city in Michigan called Vassar.
Where you from?

by 989. January 28, 2017
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