i’ll give you V bucks for some pics
by google defin February 20, 2021
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A fucking Currency to this "GAYME" That most likely is dead
Max: Hey do you have "V-Bucks on fortnite"
Bill: No. Im not gay like you!
by CorrutedWriterReturned October 8, 2019
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A special valentine gift containing a poloroid of the pp
At age 5 boys lose their v card
by Cody5050 January 27, 2022
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A credit card used to pay for v-bucks
1: Dude, you saw that awesome ninja skin in Fortnite?
2: Yeah, I wanted to buy it but my mum took my v-card privileges!
by h person May 25, 2020
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A validation of one's virginity. After sex, former-virgins must destroy the v-card.
Girl: Hey, boy. Wanna have some fun?
Boy: Hell, nah! 'pulls out v-card'
by A.S.E. July 22, 2019
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Very important mobile rules not to be broken
Connection detection - Bubble u x x dat come -v Cell rules: Wn ur mss run

lowWn cell gets/runs slowIf ur cell cms 2b slow downI'll send u me pics min
by Hercolena Oliver May 28, 2010
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