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When you get hooked up with a free item or discount where your girlfriend works because of your mad digit skills with the box.
(preferably used with appropriate hand gesture. reference: "two fingers")

Alternative entry: the three finger discount. same idea, but your woman a big ol' ho....better tie a board on your back 'for you fall in that a tic tac in a whale.... throwing a hot dog down a hallway...
say your woman's working at Mickey D's and she hooks you up with a free McChicken... you just got the two-finger discount!!

DUDE1: yo, man, that's one hella value meal. how'd you hook that up?
DUDE2: two finger discount man! you know i got that bitch wrapped around my shit.
DUDE1: man, i gotta get me somma that, where you know some fine ho's work at?
DUDE2: shit, man, u lookin for fine girls?...look at those hands!... all clumsy and shit, droppin' crap everywhere...ain't no fine box gonna hook you up!.. you best start looking at wally-world, maybe you find some big bertha to hook you up with a THREE FINGER discount!! wah--haaaa!!
by smark_77 April 19, 2007
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