A twin is the one person you absolutly can't stand, but can not live with out. They are always there for you. Always annoying you. The one person you have the closest connection with. You share the same blood, same ideas, same qualities (at different intensity levels), however is usualy the opposite of you with the exception of own personality quarks. Is your sibling, your best friend and worst enemy. Your twin. Your brother or sister. Born at the same time you were. Uncomparable, death contributing love.
I can not stand my twin!

My twin is my best friend.

I love my twin.

If my twin does that one more time, I will hurt someone!
by TheTwinster March 31, 2011
When someone and their friend say or think the same thing, they are "twinning"
Martin was twinning with his friend, Jonathan about their hobbie
by Lil Korean kiddy March 30, 2015
A person you can not live without a person you can trust with anything a person that is your ride or die somebody that aggravates you but makes you laugh a person that completes you.
"Omg look at my twin."
"Look at my twin slaying."
by Chantiffanei April 30, 2017
A very good friend with similar interests or characteristics.
by joker75 May 17, 2006
wearing the same clothing as your friend
OMG we are wearing the same vans #twinning (now you usually take a photo)
by itswhatervrs November 3, 2013
When you and someone else are matching clothing
Oh my god! Did you see that? They are both twinning the same prom dress!

Whats wrong billy?
Uh... You're 68
What the actual fuck-
by CheesyFriesWithExtraCheese October 21, 2019
One of the most annoying and awesome things on earth. On one hand you have this awesome person who looks just like you,and there a friend that's always there for you. But at the same time you have to live with constantly being thought of as twins and its pretty hard to shake that off and become your own person. It's fucking annoying when your a twin and the teacher is like how your brother/sister? Are you two fraternal? It kinda sucks to not be your own person sometimes.
Person One: Wow anna seems so awesome and unique.
Person two:Yeah,sucks that she's a twin and she can never talk to people without the words "Twin" in it.
Person One: Wow sucks for her.
by The only sane one December 29, 2007