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A place where Uticans go when they want to go out fancy style. The lack of sophistication in Uticans make it a great place for trash of every color put on their best Target outfit and pretend to be bigly. Many believe this is fine dining. It's more like a Golden Coral with gambling. Nothing screams fine dining like a buffet. The club is filled with middle aged people that used to love JJ's and are still willing to bar fight. Great place to find the next loser with a gambling problem that you want to date. Don't forget to post your small amount of cash fanned out to social media.
Hey, yous goin up ta the Turning stone casino tonight? We're gonna see Benny Mardones. I've got my new knock of bag and a gram. It's going to be so cool.
by letsget along May 29, 2017
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