When your at a wedding and have massive diarrhea flowing out of you while you run the the bathroom.
Mom: Where is jimmy going so fast the weddings about to start?
Grandpa: Oh he ate the Indian food; so he got the tuxedo trots!
by Nickypoo69 August 22, 2017
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When a slut has sex with a different person In different locations, every couple hours. They wake up and have sex with one guy, a couple hours later another person in a different location, then a different guy at a different time and so on. Trotting their twat around town.
Dang Tina is on a twat trot today!
by DixinDown February 28, 2016
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To trot whilst carrying a mattress on your back
That waffle trotting bastard is making off with mattress again
by tenderbeefqueef January 28, 2017
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Removing the hair on your legs or buttocks by being dragged behind something especially a horse.
Damn man I lost so much hair on that slide it felt like I'd gone for a wax trot
by Zacharious Polk October 29, 2015
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diarrhea caused by tacos and/or Mexican food
he can't eat at Mexican restaurants because he always ends up having the taco trots
by Lady Dollface May 05, 2020
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